Enterprise Retirement Plans

Retirement savers are assuming greater responsibility for their future because of several events, including an aging population, reduction or elimination of pension benefits, uncertainty about the long-term health of Social Security and longer life spans. As a result, many Americans seek the opportunity to plug into an existing program or plan to help them save and invest successfully.

You can help them get on track. Selecting an appropriate retirement plan for your company is both personally rewarding and professionally smart. Providing high-quality retirement benefit options is one of the best ways to attract and retain key employees

My firm offers a variety of retirement plans that provide:

  • Multiple investment managers from several fund families to enhance the diversification of your plan.
  • Access to both traditional and nontraditional asset classes to further diversify your plan.
  • State-of-the-art recordkeeping technology for both plan sponsor and your participants.
  • Investment education and communication.
  • Dedicated client service.

Whether you currently have a plan or not, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss:

  • The latest retirement industry trends.
  • Recent legislative changes that directly affect you and your employees.
  • My role in helping you manage your responsibility as a plan fiduciary.
  • Strategies to customize your retirement plan for your particular business needs and objectives to maximize plan effectiveness.

Even if you are not in the position to make changes to your plan at this time, I am confident you’ll find the time well spent. Simply click below to schedule a call or Zoom meeting.