Financial Planning

What Is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is the process of clarifying your long-term financial goals and creating a diverse strategy to achieve those targets. A plan is created by a certified financial advisor and should be individualized to reflect your family situation, future objectives, and risk tolerance. A comprehensive financial plan begins by calculating your net worth and cash flow and ends with creating a strategy to work toward achieving your financial priorities. 

Steps To Successful Financial Planning

At Jaeger Wealth Management, our financial planning process is comprehensive. We start by examining your current situation and objectives and end with consistently measuring your portfolio to ensure it is working toward those goals.  Depending on your situation, a financial advisor will do the following to create your financial plan:

  • Examine your personal and financial situation
  • Help you identify and select financial goals
  • Analyze your current course of action for missteps
  • Develop financial planning recommendations
  • Implement the new economic plan
  • Optimize your Social Security
  • Monitor progress
  • Update the plan as necessary

Financial planning is not a short process. The above steps usually take place over the course of several years, depending on your age and goals. 

Work With a Financial Planning Professional

Are you ready to update your financial plan? Jaeger Wealth Management is a financial planning firm trusted by many senior citizens. Our planning process enables you to help optimize your Social Security benefits and track your spending and net worth in one convenient platform. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.