Investment Management

Jaeger Wealth Management uses an individualized approach to help you meet and exceed the financial goals most important to your family. Our asset allocation and investment planning services help you meet immediate and future income needs and manage risks while prioritizing financial objectives. All client accounts are handled with our investment advisory relationship programs. Our advisors act as fiduciary over all client accounts, meaning we always work in your best interest and do not charge upfront or back-end fees.  

The Investment Management Process

Jaeger Wealth Management uses an open-architecture investment platform to construct financial platforms that align with client goals. We place most taxable accounts with experienced, highly-screened managers. In addition, our managers are responsible for providing a custom strategy for each client that is more transparent, controlled, and tax-efficient than most mutual funds or exchange-traded funds.  

As a client, you always have direct ownership of your securities, and we charge no trading fees or ongoing commissions. Instead, our managers create investment strategies tailored to your goals, which may include cash and money market funds, domestic stocks, mutual funds, variable annuities, corporate bonds, and more. 

Work With an Investment Management Professional

Choosing the right company to manage your wealth is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.  Jaeger Wealth Management is an experienced, highly successful investment management firm trusted by many.Contact us to have one of our money managers create a highly individualized investment program for your family.