JARS Retirement System

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Jaeger Wealth Management




Retirement has only two possible financial outcomes

  1. Money outlives people, aka dignity and independence
  2. People outlive money, aka despair and dependence

Our proprietary system reallocates our client’s JAR accounts each year based on income needs, projected rates of return, income growth, and the present value of future cash flows.

  • Why keep ALL your retirement money in savings as if you’ll need it tomorrow?
  • Why keep ALL your retirement money at risk in the stock market?
  • Why not keep the money you need soon, safer and give the money you won’t need soon an opportunity to grow?
  • And the money that’s not needed for much later, allow it to potentially grow for you and your family’s future
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Now Money (bank account)

  • Short-term funding needs
  • Emergency Fund
  • Planned Expenses, such as a new car, vacation, home repairs, etc.
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Short-term Money (lower risk investment account)
  • Income needed for years 1-4
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Intermediate Money (moderate risk investment account)
  • Income needed years 5-10
  • Hedge against inflation 
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Long-term Money (higher risk investment account)

  • Income needed years 11+
  • Long-term care funding
  • Legacy for spouse, children, or grandchildren


  • Money/Income needed near-term is invested lower risk
  • Money need long-term has potential to grow and fight the detrimental impact of inflation
  • Seeks to offer higher level of retirement income over the long-term
  • Seeks to reduce dangers to your retirement, inflation (rising costs of health care, food, taxes, etc.) and the sequence of returns risk, (pulling money/income out of your investments when the market is down)
  • Reduce behavioral finance mistakes (sell when markets are down, buy when high)
  • Goal is to provide long-term financial security by seeking protection of income and working toward growing assets

Let’s work together to determine the Life Expectancy of Your Money and develop an income strategy that seeks to make your income last longer than you.